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Say goodbye to complicated drilling procedures and enjoy simplicity by ordering this advanced wall clock. The product was conceptualized in 2007 and an amazing journey started from there. No drilling or screwing was required while installing and customers liked this bit. The concept was new and it had tremendous potential. Our distribution chain was robust and we trusted in our ability to reach more people. The distribution started in the year of 2013 an in no time, it became popular globally. Welcome a unique product and order it easily from our online platform. Every product range features something new and a new wave of vibrant design was introduced in 2010 and we got several awards in that year. The “Excellence Design Award 2010” was achieved in Thailand and in the very same year we got the “Good Design Award 2010” in Japan.

The concept and design got good reviews from several reputed magazines and popular TV programs. We never focused on creating another household product. Our primary goal was to change the lifestyle of people by offering them a beautiful and creative item. The difference is easily visible now and the responsibility on us is even more. 

Our Mission is To Create a Value and Make a Difference.

We aspire to be a brand which inspires Creativity, Passion, Optimism & Fun.

Innovative designing guides the creative process in our company and we never fail to brainstorm new ideas. On-Time Wall Clock began with the idea of making homes better and using the beauty of wall clocks to empower design innovation.

Our product is different and the creativity is on a different level. By utilizing simple but effective items in the manufacturing process, we have made a sustainable manufacturing model. To combat with this changing environment, we bring out advanced ideas, which change the way things are made.

On-Time Wall Clock will continue to be optimistic about design and create new product ranges which ooze creativity and passion. From decorating homes to adding value to office spaces, this product is suitable for various all walks of life. Moreover, On-Time has also introduced corporate gifting solutions to benefit several industries.

“Innovative Design . Global Appeal”

Client reviews
    This was a fun product. My old clock broke, so I thought I would try this as a replacement. It was easy to set up and install. The clock requires one AA battery (not included). The instructions say to use a regular battery and not an alkaline battery, which was a little confusing, because I only have alkaline batteries and was not aware of a different type. I used an alkaline and it has worked fine so far, but I am not sure if it will affect the clock in the future.

    Sherene Sepehri, Amazon.com
    Sherene Sepehri, Amazon.com Sherene Sepehri, Amazon.com
  • PERFECT IN SO MANY WAYS! I am absolutely in love with this clock!! I ordered the red and black and it goes perfect with the decor in my husbands office. Very easy to install and you can adjust how big or small you want. My husband loves that!! Basically its finally a clock he can actually see. He did learn that an alkaline battery doesnt work (he truly didnt believe me). So you definitely need to buy the zinc battery to go along with it. I have received this product for free or at a discount price for my honest review

    Shell2696 - Amazon.com
    Shell2696 - Amazon.com Shell2696 - Amazon.com
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