TERMS & CONDITIONS – Ontime Wall Clock Store


We offer some tremendous facilities to our customers, but some terms and conditions should be followed for a better business experience. On-Time Wall Clock is constantly evolving and the content in our website is subject to change.  Customers should always stay updated with the latest information, as some changes may be levied without any notice. The website is accessible most of the time, but at times, it can go offline for maintenance purposes. The product information is accurate and the company is not responsible for any mistake or omitted information.

The website features prices of various concept clocks and they are displayed in USD. The delivery charge is not included here and that is to be added additionally. The company deserves the sole right of modifying the prices, even after the invoice is made. Products once purchased can’t be returned, as it is shipped to overseas destinations as well.

After the payment is made, the company has the responsibility to fulfil the order properly. However, availability for the product is a key issue here. Some products become unavailable, even after the customer has made the payment securely. But if the item is temporarily unavailable, the customer may have to wait for some days. The available products are shipped first and then the outstanding ones are catered.*Note. There is a charge of $3.00 USD For Insurance..

On-Time believes in secure payment methods and the delicate information of the user is kept in a safe manner.  The purchases can be made by PayPal and SSL encryption is used to make the transaction secure. The services are totally free and no additional fees are required for accessing them.


On-Time believes in making the delivery procedure extremely easy for our customers. An account is required to access and buy the products from the site and some personal data needs to be supplied. Registering on our website is easy, you just need to supply your email and create a unique email and password combination. After the registration is complete, you can easily log into the account to browse the items.

While ordering, you need to supply an address, where you want the delivery. Our system keeps track of that address and makes the delivery in that area. On-Time delivers products to several locations in UK’s mainland or “Isle of Man”. However, only one address has to be used for this purpose. The company doesn’t deliver products to Channel Islands or the addresses of PO Box.

We deliver products worldwide and do not charge a shipping fee along with the cost of the product. An additional $3.00 is charged as the insurance fee and that is added on to the main price. If the product costs $29.99, the final price will be $29.99 + $3.00= $32.99. However, local taxes or duties can be added on separately, as and when applicable.

Delivery times are displayed on our website, but that can modified from time to time. The delivery depends on availability and the company is not responsible for late deliveries. Deliveries are often executed by third-party vendors and some unavoidable problems can often arise.

The position and exact location of the package can be easily traced and we have a specialized system for that. Once your order is confirmed, we will give you a unique order id. This number has to be inserted in a specials section of our website to track the package.

In some rare cases, customers fail to receive their package. On-Time takes these matters very seriously and a detailed investigation is ordered to solve the matter efficiently. These may take up some time, but the problems are always taken care of.